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Catherie PotronSculpteur céramiste
Grand Rue  
07260 Joyeuse
tel : 04 75 39 51 29
Portable 06 18 45 33 78

1973  Diplôme national des Beaux Arts (Céramique)
1971  CAFAS Beaux Arts Reims
1996-1998 Sculpteur résident de la ville de Béziers

                   Expositions personnelles
Actuellement exposition permanente à Joyeuse
Atelier Galerie - Grand Rue   (sur rendez vous)

Expositions de groupes
2012 Rencontres des métiers d'art à Bourlatier, avec le Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d'Ardèche et l'association Trajectoires
2012Marché de potiers de Vallon Pont d'Arc
2004 Musée Paul Charnoz Paray-le Monial
2003 Galerie Artop Lille
2002 5ème Biennale des métiers d’Art Villeurbanne
Galerie Thuillier Paris
2001 Biennale de Céramique Villeurbanne
Grotte du Roure Banne 07
2000 Château d’Aubenas 07
1992 /1997 Galerie Catherine Potron Pézenas 34
1998 Le Casino Palavas 34

006 Château de Vogue(07)
Exposition ‘Voyages’ Quai Nord Cucq (Pas de Calais)
2003 Buis les Baronnies
2002 Ecuries Saint Hugues Cluny
2001 Galerie de la perle noire Agde
Galerie des Arts Trigance (gorges du Verdon)
Espace Envol Privas
2000 Le Pech Bleu Béziers
Royal Academy Londres
1999 Galerie Casa Dei  La chaise Dieu
Prieuré de Faugères 07
Sidi Bou Said  Tunisie
1996 Galerie  Peter Pich Krailling Allemagne
Galerie Projection Bruxelles


Catherines's sculptures and paintings are dreamlands of imaginary architectures, sunken cities and lost civilizations.
Who lives in these antique palaces ? Nobody, but one's own dreams. Don't look for any torment in these paintings where you will only find love and poetry and dreams. That is a way of expressing wisdom in the complexity and profusion of details.
At first sight, these baroque buildings appear to be abandoned, but look more closely and you will find, in the winding corridors, sensations which will recall memories of your youth, perhaps forgotten, to reach the beating wings of a ghost bird, probably nesting between stones.
In Catherine's paintings, one finds a similar emotion, with more colors. One becomes a bird soaring over the painting to reach the light.
Light is present, tied to balusters, to stairs, leaking out through openings. Light is present as a comet at the top of the painting. like a luminous, vibrating and mysterious intensity of hope.
Should Catherine model clay, create ceramics or paint, she always instills the poetic inspiration of a baroque, imaginary, luminous and architectural universe.
A shimmerling line, such as a sunary, emphasizes an iridescent patina, linger on it and the whole sculpture glitters and quivers.
Take off and travel in her paintings and you will find what influences so strongly her to create.